The Luxe Lab Laundry Booster 1kg

$14.95 inc. GST

The Luxe Lab Laundry Booster helps to remove those stubborn stains. Containing colour safe oxygen bleach which is formulated to work in low washing temperatures. The Luxe Lab Laundry Booster not only keeps your clothes cleaner but also keeps your whites whiter. For best results we recommend using in conjunction with The Luxe Lab Laundry Powder.

  • Gives your laundry powder a boost to assist with removing stubborn stains
  • Colour safe
  • Contains Oxygen bleach to keep your whites whiter
  • Suitable for low temperature washing
  • PHOSPHATE FREE, septic and grey water safe and readily biodegradable
  • For optimal results pair with The Luxe Lab Sanitiser Laundry Powder


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