De’Longhi Coffee Machine Care Kit

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The De’Longhi coffee machine care kit will ensure your expresso machine remains in great working condition. In order to brew the perfect coffee and lengthen the life of your machine regular maintenance is essential. The De’Longhi coffee machine care kit will help to care for your machine, reduce lime scale build up and optimize performance.


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The Kit Includes:

  • Water Filter*
    *Compatible with ECAM, ETAM, and EPAM (not ESAM) automatic coffee machines and EC9335, EC680, EC685, and EC860 manual pump coffee machines
  • Universal Eco-Friendly Descaling Solution (2 uses)
  • Universal Eco-Friendly MultiClean Milk Residue Remover for Frother / Steam Wand
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Water Hardness Testing Kit

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